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Stand with flood victims of Konkan and Ratnagiri

<p><img src="../../../public/images/ratnagiri1.jpg" /> <br /><img src="../../../public/images/ratnagiri2.jpg" /> <br /><br /><strong>Flood Relief Appeal: </strong><br /><br />Donate in support of people in Konkan &amp; Ratnagiri who have experienced Loss of Life, Destruction of Property and Displacement due to the recent Severe Flooding. <br /><br />Our brothers and sisters need our immediate support to fight this situation . <br /><br />We request you to come forward and donate generously so that our relief efforts can be expedited. Essentials like Blankets, Clothing, Food, Medical, Utensils etc. are all in short supply and your contribution will assist us in helping the flood victims. <br /><br />Please come forward and Help the People affected by the Rain Havoc.<strong>Note: </strong></p> <ul> <li>1) All Donations made to this cause are eligible for tax exemption under 80G of IT act.</li> <li>2) Zakat, Sadqah, Lillah, Bank Interest can be donated for this cause.</li> <li>3) To donate offline please contact on : <a href="tel:+917038220051">+91 7038220051</a></li> </ul>

  • Goal: ₹10000000
  • Raised: ₹3602578
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